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Generics for USA Provides Affordable Access to Generic Medication

With an increasing prevalence of chronic and serious diseases, there is an urgent need to provide better provisioning of essential medication to the general population. Unfortunately, many people are only able to access brand-name drugs through a prescription from their doctor or based on the stock of a local pharmacy. While these drugs work effectively, they can be costly. By turning to generics, patients are able to gain access to the medication they need to treat disease without breaking the bank.

At Generics for USA, we are a team of professionals who truly care about ensuring the patient is able to gain access to essential pharmaceuticals they need. We only focus on providing generic medication, as these are cost-efficient while still providing the same results.

Why Are Brand Name Drugs Expensive?

When you visit a pharmacy to pick up a prescription provided by your healthcare provider, you might find yourself in shock when you see the price of the medicine. This is because brand-name drugs are often provided when you hand in the prescription. These brand-name drugs are generally significantly more expensive compared to their generic counterparts – and there are a number of reasons for this.

First of all, it is important to note that the brand developing the original drug needs to spend a significant amount of money to create the actual formula. This can sometimes take months to years for the scientists at the company to complete. Before the drug can be released to the market, the brand needs to ensure it undergoes appropriate clinical trials, as this assists with the approval from the FDA.

This process adds additional expenses to the process of getting the drug to the market. Once the drug hits the market for public use, the brand needs to ensure they are able to make up for the expenses it took to develop the drug in the first place. This is one of the primary factors that drive the higher price tag of brand-name pharmaceuticals.

The production costs are not the only factors that cause the pricing of brand-name drugs to be so expensive. After getting the drug approved by the FDA and bringing it to the market, the brand now has to conduct marketing campaigns in order to get recognition for the drug that they released. There are several strategies that brands use to market pharmaceutical drugs, and this often leads to thousands of dollars in additional expenses. The cost of these marketing campaigns is also accounted for when the company decides on the pricing for their pharmaceuticals.

What Is the Difference Between Brand Name and Generic Drugs?

The term “generic” used to describe the selection of drugs available at Generics For USA is often misunderstood. Additionally, the fact that these drugs are significantly cheaper compared to their brand-name counterparts further raises suspicion among some people.

The good news is that the differences in terms of chemicals used to formulate the drugs are mostly not notable. When a brand brings out a drug, the same formula can be utilized by companies that specialize in the production of generic drugs. This particular company would then essentially reproduce the drug that was initially made by the original brand.

By using the same active chemicals in the drug, you are given a chance to obtain medication that will yield the same effects compared to the brand name pharmaceuticals.

So, why are generics much cheaper than brand names?

As we explained, there are two primary reasons why you may find that brand name drugs are expensive.

Companies that make generic drugs do not need to reinvent the entire drug. There is no spending years on developing a specific formula that can be brought out to the public. Additionally, the active chemicals used in the drug have already been put through scientific studies by the brand that developed the formula. The generic version of the drug also has no need to go through several marketing campaigns.

These are the drivers behind the more affordable pricing for generic drugs — but in terms of efficacy, generics and brand name medication will yield the same results.

Generics for USA Offers a Caring Service

At Generics for USA, we understand that you need access to medication that can help you treat your illnesses at rates that you can afford. This is why we are constantly expanding our selection of generic medication — offering an affordable way of obtaining the pharmaceuticals you depend on for the treatment of diseases and ailments.