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neurontinNeurontin is a drug that belongs to the category of anticonvulsants. It is a form of medication that aids people battling with specific forms of seizures in the USA.

Neurontin Otc works by minimizing the brain’s susceptibility to experiencing seizures and can also aid in reducing pain. If you want to purchase this drug, you will majorly find it going by the brand Gabapentin. You can get it as an oral solution and as a generic tablet.

This article will show you everything you need to know about this drug. This includes how it works, its uses, where to buy, etc.


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How does Neurontin Work?

Experts have not fully confirmed how Neurontin works, but according to research, the major ingredient in Neurontin, which is Gabapentin in Neurontin merges strongly with a specific state referred to as the alpha2-delta site. This is believed to be how it helps in reducing how frequently seizures occur and also relieves nerve pains.

Neurontin can be in line with different tablets in order change the current treatment that has not worked.

Uses of Neurontin in Canada

Neurontin has FDA approval to treat conditions including:

  • Seizures: It can help to minimize seizures in both Canadian adults and kids dealing with epilepsy. You can combine this drug with others to treat epilepsy. Neurontin is active to treat seizures.
  • Postherpetic neuralgia: It is experienced in case a patient has had shingles previously to experience constant pain in the nerves. Neurontin minimizes the pain, especially for aged individuals who suffer from it the most.

Neurontin and How It Works for Treating Other Conditions

In addition, Neurontin can be prescribed as a medicine to treat the patients in the USA experiencing the following health problems:

  • Bipolar disorder: It main symptom is drastically changing the energy or mood levels rapidly. These moods could differ and shuffle between anger, joy, sadness to hyper without any signs.
  • Migraine: A migraine is a more painful type of headache that usually comes alongside sensitivity to light, loud noises, and other physical activities. Some people have migraines that come along with a feeling of uneasiness, and the headache may last between a few hours and sometimes days.
  • Fibromyalgia: This condition makes a person experience constant pain in all body’s parts. The pain could be similar to a sharp pain the sense of burning.
  • Anxiety: Neurontin can also act as a great form of treatment for specific types of anxiety. It is also less susceptible to abuse, which makes it a better option. However, it can still be abused in some cases.

Neurontin: Are There Side Effects?

Neurontin may cause side effects, which include the following:

  • Drowsiness, tiredness
  • Behavioral issues: These could range from aggression and hostility. It could also cause thought conflicts in kids from 3 -12 years of age when used for the treatment of epilepsy.
  • It can cause discontinuation syndrome when a person stops using it without warning. Symptoms could include anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc.
  • Blurred vision, lazy eyes, and dry mouth
  • Just like other medicines in the anticonvulsant category, this drug may boost the possibility of depression. This is common, particularly in young individuals below 24 years of age.
  • Nystagmus. Fast eye movement beyond your control

People Who Should Avoid Neurontin

To avoid allergic reactions, it is essential to know all Neurontin ingredients before making the decision to take the medicine. Some individuals are averse to Gabapentin. The reactions may vary, with breathing difficulties and swelling of various body parts in case you experience an allergy to Neurontin’s ingredients.

It is best for pregnant individuals to avoid this drug if possible. But if you must use the drug, letting the doctor know about this is the top priority. Neurontin is not recommended to those persons who suffer from depression, heart disease, diabetes, lung disease and drug addiction. If it is unavoidable, do not hesitate to contact and consult with the doctor.

Minimum and Maximum Neurontin Dosages

In most cases, your physician will determine the proper Neurontin dosage for you. To do this, the factors below will be considered:

  1. Your present condition including its severity
  2. Medications you are presently using
  3. The physical ability to resist side effects of the drug.

The manufacturer indicates the following as advised prescription:

  • Nerve Pain: The dosage for nerve pain is the same as for seizures. But, the max dose in a single day is 1,800 mg for nerve pains. This could be broken down into 3 doses of 600 mg throughout the day.
  • Seizures: 300 mg for the first day, 300 mg 2 times on the second day, 300 mg 3 times on the third day. A dose of 300 – 600 mg is then used everyday for three times. The maximum does in any specific day is 3,600 mg, and it is extended throughout the day.

Where to Buy Neurontin with Prescription

Neurontin is one of those medications that you can get through the counter in case you have got a prescription from your doctor. The next step is to go to the pharmacy that is near your location with your prescription, wait in line, and pay when it’s your turn. However, if you want to buy without a prescription, your best option is to go online.

Where to Buy Neurontin without Prescription at Cheap Prices

If you want to buy Neurontin over the counter, there are plenty of online pharmacies in the USA like> where you can do this without problems. Simply click on the link, or do a google search and choose from the various alternatives.

Why Should You Buy Neurontin Online?

There are many reasons to order Neurontin online from pharmacies that have it on sale, including:

  • You don’t need a prescription: Getting a prescription can take a very long time. This uncertainty, in addition to the stress of going for the appointment, makes it better to shop online for Neurontin. It eradicates this process and instead offers a fast and seamless way to get Neurontin.
  • It is Convenient: Buying Neurontin online is very convenient. You can do it right from your home and your office without moving an inch.
  • Fast Delivery: You don’t have to wait for too long before your purchase comes to you. Depending on your location, delivery could be between 1-3 days.
  • Cheap Prices: Prices of Neurontin tablets on the internet are the cheapest you will find. They are also more affordable than getting it on the counter. This means you get to save costs when you make your purchase from a pharmacy online while you enjoy the convenience that it offers.

Wrap Up: Should You Buy Neurontin Over the Counter?

Neurontin is ideal for treating seizures that have to do with epilepsy and nerve pains. It is also extremely cheap, especially when you buy from online pharmacies. Some of these pharmacies also offer a discount on the cost per pill, further helping you save cost.

If you suffer from any of these ailments, it is certainly an effective drug that is worth purchasing. However, remember to inform your physician about your prior health history.

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