Are you selling brand-name products?

Yes, we have both Generic and Brand pills at our disposal.

“Generic” – can you explain what this term means?

Products distributed and manufactured in the absence of patent protection are called generic drugs. A generic drug features the same active ingredients as its branded counterpart. Instead of its brand name, the product itself is recognized by its chemical name. The original drug manufacturer doesn’t create generic drugs. Generic manufacturing is left in the hands of a certified producer. The moment the patent for the brand-name equivalent expires, that’s when a generic drug could be released. After the patent expires for the medicine, any drug company may procure the right to buying and producing the chemical formula.

What makes generic drugs cheaper than their branded counterparts?

Most of the investments in brand medicine go into marketing, manufacturing, and research. But, manufacturers of generic drugs can bypass the need to invest in research or advertising. Meaning that they just have to buy the formula and create the drug. That’s why you are getting more affordable prices that won’t break the bank.

Do generic products retain the same quality?

Absolutely. Even if the generic drug features a distinct color or shape, the chemical formula, ingredients, absorption rate, and quantity remain identical. The goal is to supply users with all the benefits of the branded product.

Am I getting FDA-approved generic pills if I buy from here?

Each generic pill available here comes from FDA-approved firms.

How to distinguish Regular from Soft medication?

Name Tag: Levitra | Dose: 20mg | Length of time for the effect to kick in: 10min – 1h | Usage instruction: Consume with a cup of water. | Booze/ fatty foods: No | Duration: 12h
Name Tag: Cialis | Dose: 20mg | Length of time for the effect to kick in: 30 min | Usage instruction: Consume with a cup of water. | Booze/ fatty foods: No | Duration: 36h
Name Tag: Viagra | Dose: 100mg, 50mg| Length of time for the effect to kick in: 1h | Usage instruction: Consume with a cup of water. | Booze/ fatty foods: No | Duration: 3 to 4h

Is there a correlation between 100mg and 50mg of erectile dysfunction tablets? Which is the ideal dose to start with?

We suggest a 25mg dose for those who haven’t used an ED tablet before. Since users can split their pills and save a couple of bucks along the way. Avoid starting with bigger dosages so the system will get used to them. Take it from there to see how the body reacts to the drug. A typical Levitra and Cialis starting dose is 20mg. While starting with Viagra, people often opt for a 25mg dose. But, don’t take matters into your own hands. Every time you try to use medicine or a new dose, talk to a doctor. They can recommend the ideal dose for your current body weight, health state, and age. So, we urge users to consult with a specialist before trying the medicine.

Do I need a prescription to buy products on your site?

We don’t ask our clients to show a prescription for any of the pills they are purchasing online from our site. But, we urge users to talk to a specialist before using any of the medicine we offer.

What kind of shipping rates can I expect?

The rates for shipping can vary based on the shipping option you select, the medicine you buy, and the country you live in. To know the exact cost for shipping, select the desired medicine you want to purchase, place it in the shopping cart, and go to check-out. The prices will then be listed.

Do you have international shipping?

We deliver products to the majority of countries around the globe. For more details, please speak to our Customer Support Team or see if the product you plan to purchase is available in your region.

How do you send orders?

We are completely aware that our clients value anonymity & confidentiality. We take these factors into play and send discreet-looking packages. We don’t display the information of the contents on the exterior of the packaging.

A pill is missing or the package is damaged – what now?

Talk to our Customer Service and let us know of the problem you are facing. Our team will either send you a refund or resend the product. Check the Delivery Guarantee for further details. Do have in mind, however, with an order of 100 pills or more, the delivery will arrive in multiple packages.

Will customs delay my order?

It can happen. In cases such as these, we notify our consumers. If necessary, we will ask the recipient to provide adequate permission for the parcel to be examined. When the assessment is complete, people get their desired product. If you encountered any issues with the product you ordered, feel free to reach out to us. We will do our best to solve the issue.

How much should I be paying for reshipping?

Nothing. When we reship products, we don’t charge our consumers.

I haven’t obtained my order yet – what do I do?

If you want to know the exact status of your delivery, make use of the Delivery tracking code. This is available for consumers who picked out the express delivery method. But, if you went with standard delivery, then you might have to wait a maximum of 30 days for the item to arrive at your doorstep. If the parcel is still behind schedule, we reship our orders for free. But, if the first order arrives right after we’ve reshipped the product, then we would like you to let us know. We value honesty and try our best to fix any discrepancies.

What is the shipping method you have available?

We send our products via Trackable Courier Service, which is a postal service you can track with a tracking number. It can take 10 to 21 days for the product to arrive. With a maximum delivery time of 30 days.

What if I don’t get my product in the estimated delivery time?

When the product doesn’t arrive, we can return your money or suggest a free reshipment.

How can I buy products from your site?

Browse our wares and select the desired item. You will notice there is a button named “Buy now”. Click it and select the desired amount. Proceed to “Checkout” and fill in the necessary information. Double-check the number of pills and the info you provided and click “Submit transaction”. When we accept your order, you will immediately receive a notification and confirmation. These messages are automatically sent to the e-mail address you provided.

When will I be charged for making a purchase?

The moment you click “Submit” after filling the form in the checkout, our processing center will validate the information and charge the necessary amount. After authorizing the payment, we process, and approve the item.

I’ve changed my mind. Is it OK to get my card credited or cancel the product?

For more details, please check out our Order Cancellation & Refund Policy.

I still have some questions unanswered. What now?

A: Talk to our support team. We will provide all the answers to your queries.

What are the accepted payments?

Credit cards are accepted. Such as MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, AMEX, E-Checks, JCB, and Discover.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. If the item doesn’t get to your destination on time, we can give you your money back.