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flexerilIf you’ve never heard of Flexeril, it’s a muscle-relaxing medicine that has been used since 1977 to treat pains.  It’s the trade name for Cyclobenzaprine, a chemically identical drug.

Flexeril is enormously helpful in helping people tolerate pain.  For more than 40 years, doctors have been prescribing it to both athletes and regular people for managing muscle pain from moderate to severe injuries.  The relief alone makes Flexeril worth taking.

But there’s more to Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine) than being a muscle-relaxer.  The way it works and affects people makes it different than other pain medicines.  We’ll discuss how.


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How Does Flexeril Work?

Flexeril, or Cyclobenzaprine, is chemically similar to a class of antidepressants.  It acts on the central nervous system to block muscle pain from traveling to the brain.  The sprains and soreness remain, but you won’t perceive them as much.

With pain less of a distraction, you’ll notice that Cyclobenzaprine gives you some much-needed energy.  With this medicine, ample rest, and physical therapy, recovery is easier.  You’ll also be able to recover much quicker as dulling the pain makes it easier to sleep.

Can You Get Flexeril Over The Counter Without a Prescription?

No, you cannot get Flexeril (or Cyclobenzaprine) over the counter without a prescription.  Muscle-relaxers may interact with other drugs in negative ways.  It’s best to call a doctor before trying to purchase Flexeril.

If you need an over the counter (otc) painkiller, ibuprofen and aspirin are fairly cheap and abundant.  However, they may not be adequate for major musculoskeletal injuries.  If you are in enough pain, getting a prescription shouldn’t be a huge problem.

What is the Price of Flexeril?

While the brand name may be hard to find, plenty of drug stores sell Cyclobenzaprine.  However, costs may be a bit higher than ideal with the average retail price at $18.19 for 30 10mg tablets.  In some cases, it can cost over a dollar per pill.

Many people should factor in the cost of gas to go to the drug store, as well as the opportunity cost of waiting in line.  These external costs can add up quickly if you make several trips.  Alternatives, like shopping online, can save you some money.

Can I Buy Flexeril Online?

You can buy generic Flexeril online.  This allows you to avoid driving and waiting in line to get your prescription, so you can stay home and get the rest you need to recover. offers fast shipping, so you can get relief as soon as possible.

If you need something like Flexeril, getting up and going to the pharmacy isn’t doable.  Not only will this aggravate existing pain, but it’ll be also a major setback for your recovery time.  Ordering online lets you stay in bed while someone else worries about getting the medicine to you.

Just note that while there are a lot of online pharmacies, not all of them are credible.  Fortunately, we have been consistently providing reliable products at with affordable shipping and prompt delivery.

How to Order Flexeril Cheap in the USA

<site-name> serves countless United States customers in need of medicine.  We do the hard work of getting quality medicine to our customers.  All you have to do is place the order.  When you do that, you’ll also notice our generic Flexeril is pretty cheap with discounts.  This is because our pills are made inexpensively in India but are every bit as effective as name-brand Flexeril.

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Flexeril Prices Online offers incredible discounts on generic Flexeril and many other medicines.  While global economic factors are constantly affecting drug prices, you can rest assured that we have the pieces in place to keep our medicine as affordable (with as many chances to buy on sale) as possible.  However, the same can’t be said for other online pharmacies.

Is Flexeril Addictive?

A common issue with painkillers is that they can be highly addictive.  While this is true for opioids like morphine and fentanyl, it’s not true for skeletal muscle relaxants like cyclobenzaprine.  This doesn’t mean it can’t be abused, though.

The sensation of relief that Flexeril-like medications provide is a cause for some to take more than they need.  We advise always taking your prescribed dosage as instructed by your doctor.

Side Effects of Flexeril

You should only use Flexeril short-term, or for however long your doctor has prescribed.  While it’s a particularly useful drug for reducing muscle spasms and pains, it isn’t without side effects.  You may experience:

  • Arrhythmia
  • Mood swings
  • Confusion
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Muscle weakness
  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Stomach pain

There’s no need to freak out — it’s rare to experience all of the side effects.  However, if one or more of them pops up, let your doctor know.  Sometimes a minor symptom is just a brief, inevitable trade-off for getting better.

Flexeril Dosage and Application

The dosage for Flexeril varies, but doctors usually prescribe three 5 mg tablets to take in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  This allows the drug to continuously keep pain at bay while you recover.  Most of the time, you’ll follow this routine for no more than three weeks.

Individual response is a huge factor, however.  Some patients may not respond much to 5 milligrams, so doctors may increase it to 10 milligrams three times a day.  For others, such as the elderly and those with liver issues, doctors may prescribe a lower dosage to reduce the severity of complications.

How Quickly Does Flexeril Work?

When you’re experiencing severe musculoskeletal pain, you need relief fast.  Fortunately, it doesn’t take Flexeril all that long to enter your system.  It typically takes no more than one hour to start feeling the relaxing effects.

Metabolism and body mass slightly affect how long it takes Flexeril to work.  People with higher metabolisms and lower body masses will get relief a bit quicker than others, for example.  For everyone else, it might take only a couple more minutes to finally feel OK.

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