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valtrexAbout 40% of people in the USA and Canada suffer from cold sores. These are painful lesions that appear near or on your lips after an individual contracts the herpes simplex virus. Cold sore symptoms include itching, burning, and sometimes tingling.

Although there’s no cure for cold sores, there are several antiviral medications that can help manage and treat the condition. One such drug is Valtrex.

In this review, we’ll provide you with information on what the drug is for, how it works, and its potential side effects. We’ll also look at who should not use it and how long its effect lasts.

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What is Valtrex Used for?

Valtrex is an antiviral drug produced in India for the USA and Canadian markets. It has an active ingredient-valacyclovir-that helps to treat cold sores and genital herpes. Also, it’s used to treat other viral infections like herpes zoster and shingles.

The drug effectively manages the spread of the herpes simplex virus and clears up cold sores faster. The medication is safe and well researched.

What are Valtrex Dosage and Prices?

This medication is an oral tablet that’s available in both 500 mg and 1-gram strength levels. Both the brand-name product and generic drug(valacyclovir) come in the same strengths.

At an online pharmacy, you can buy generic Valtrex in different packages of 500mg and 1 gram. The number of pills per package determines the overall price of the package. However, the cost per pill ranges between $3 to $8, depending on the strength level.

The typical dosage for the medication is as follows:

Adults and Children 12 years and above

  • Cold sores: Children (above 12) and adults need to take 2 grams of Valtrex tablet every 12 hours for one day.
  • First-time genital Herpes: 1 gram daily for 10 days.
  • Recurrent Outbreak Genital Herpes: 500mg of an oral tablet twice for three days
  • Shingles: 1 gram three times a day for seven days.

Children 11 years and younger

The drug is not recommended for children in this age group with cold sores. However, those with chickenpox and between the age of 2 years and 17 can take 1 gram three times daily.

The maximum recommended dose of the drug is 1grams twice a day, that’s 2 grams. Take two doses of the drugs 12 hours apart. Stick to the prescribed dose and if you overdose, seek medical assistance immediately.

How Valtrex Works for the USA and Canada Citizens?

Once in the body, the active ingredient in Valtrex–valacyclovir- inhibits the reproduction of the herpes virus via a complex chemical process. As a result, it prevents the virus from growing and multiplying in the human cells, stopping the spread of the infection.

But keep in mind, the antiviral medication doesn’t cure cold sores and herpes. Instead, it makes the virus less severe by inhibiting its normal functioning. This way, cold sores, and other symptoms can clear faster.

Although you will still be contagious even after taking the drug, Valtrex will help reduce the risk of transmitting herpes to your partner and other individuals. However, we don’t recommend sexual contact if you have active cold sores. Even if you don’t have active sores or herpes outbreak, stick to safe sex practices like using condoms.

How Long Does the Effect of Valtrex Last?

Studies show that cold sores can last up to 12 days without proper treatment. However, when you take over the counter Valtrex, cold sores will reduce within two or three days. Within two hours of taking the drug, you’ll start experiencing relief from cold sore symptoms.

The time needed for the drug to take effect depends on several factors, including the infection type, dosage, and time between first symptoms and treatment. Nevertheless, the tablet is more effective when used within 48 hours after the onset of symptoms.

Although the drug will start working immediately, it will take several days for you to see any improvements.

Common Side Effects of Valtrex

Some individuals might experience some side effects after using the drug. The most common side effects include:

  • Headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

Serious side effects include:

  • Shortness in breath
  • Difficulty when urinating
  • Swelling in your feet or ankles

In case you have any of the mentioned symptoms, seek medical help right away.

Who Cannot Take Over the Counter Valtrex?

Individuals with renal issues like kidney failure or damage might require a low dosage of the OTC Valtrex. Also, they need to consult their doctors before taking the drug.

If you’re allergic to the drug’s ingredients, have a medical condition, or are under medication, don’t take the drug. Consult your doctors to determine if the medication is good for you or there’s any other treatment you can consider.

Valtrex poses no risk to breastfeeding mothers since there are little to no traces of the drug in the breast milk. Nevertheless, there’s limited research determining the effect the drug has on fetal development.

Additionally, after taking the drug, ensure you have taken lots of water. The water helps to keep your body hydrated and removes the metabolized drug from the body. Staying hydrated lowers the risk of kidney damage.

Should I Buy Valtrex Online Without Prescription at Cheap Price?

Thanks to technology, shopping for products is easier than ever and at the cheapest prices. The same applies to drugs. You can buy Valtrex at an online pharmacy without a prescription with ease. What’s even better, you can enjoy great sales discounts and fast delivery on large orders.

If you’re not allergic to Valtrex ingredients and have no medical condition. You can order the drug conveniently from the comfort of your home. No one will ask for a prescription. But if you have the mentioned issues, talk to your physician or doctor first.

In conclusion, Valtrex medication is the best medication for treating herpes simplex virus, genital herpes, and cold sores. It’s easy to take, safe, well-researched, and approved by the FDA.

It comes with a few side effects, but people with renal problems should talk to their doctors before taking the drug.

If you’ve found this review helpful, then go ahead and purchase the tablets online at a cheap price.

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