Generic Zovirax: Cost, Prescription, and How to Use


zoviraxMouth sores, chickenpox, and herpes are some of the most common viral infections. For the treatment of these issues, generic Zovirax is often prescribed. Although it has become a famous treatment option for these infections, getting this medication over-the-counter may be tricky.

As you read further, we discuss how much generic Zovirax costs, its usage, and common side effects.

What Is Generic Zovirax?

Zovirax, also called acyclovir, is a medication that experts prescribe to treat viral infections. The generic Zovirax is a copy of an original brand used to treat these conditions. Cold sores, shingles, and chickenpox are some conditions where the use of this medication is necessary.

Acyclovir is also prescribed to persons suffering from genital herpes. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by two virus types: Herpes simplex type one and type 2. People who suffer from this infection have flu-like symptoms, swollen glands, itching, and blisters in the private area.

The drug helps in the reduction of symptoms. Though the drug has antiviral qualities, it is not a cure for genital herpes and other infections. Even after treatment, these viruses still reside within the body, causing symptom outbreaks.

Acyclovir will only reduce the severity of these symptoms and help heal blisters and reduce pain.

How Much Does Generic Zovirax Cost?

If you’re diagnosed with chickenpox, shingles, or herpes, the best thing to do is to seek medical assistance. Your specialist would evaluate your condition and determine how serious it is.

This evaluation is what they’ll use to recommend what drug you’ll take. If Zovirax is one of your medications, it’ll be in your best interest to seek the best brand to buy.

Acyclovir is available in several forms and brands. Such variety allows you to choose one that can fit your budget.

The original brand of Zovirax sells for $275.71. Nonetheless, you can opt for the generic medication, which usually ranges from $0.6 – $2.3 per tablet depending on the package.

If you’re worried about using a generic drug, you don’t have to be. Before these drugs are released for sale in pharmacies, they must have authorization from regulatory bodies. In other words, they’re as safe as branded versions.

Where to Buy Generic Zovirax?

Acyclovir is available for purchase in several pharmacies. You can also order these drugs online and have them delivered to your doorstep.

However, before you can buy this medication at any licensed store, you must present a prescription from a doctor. This proves that a medical expert has diagnosed the condition and approved for the usage of the drug.

Most large pharmacies also have pharmacists that can recommend the best brand of Zovirax to buy. There are several options available, so you’ll find one that is affordable.

Furthermore, ensure that you understand your prescription when purchasing. If you’re not clear about ingesting the drugs, ask for pharmacist advice.

Where to Buy Generic Zovirax No Prescription?

Patients who seek to self-medicate often prescribe the best drug they believe will cure their condition. Even if you are right, it’s wrong to perform self-diagnoses and treat yourself without medical confirmation.

Zovirax is used to treat severe symptoms; hence, they’re not drugs you can get over the counter. Any patient who walks into a pharmacy must present a doctor’s prescription before getting any brand of Zovirax.

Even if you’re purchasing online, you’ll still need to present a prescription from a licensed doctor. Some sites offer online medical visitations to speak to a physician and narrate your symptoms. Online doctors can only recommend the drug only after they’ve confirmed that you’re suffering from a condition warranting its use.

How to Use Generic Zovirax

Zovirax comes in different prescriptions. Your doctor might prescribe an oral dosage or administer an injection. If you’re using oral drugs, you’ll have to use them 2 to 5 times, depending on your doctor’s recommendation.

You can take Zovirax on an empty stomach, though it’s best to take it after food. While on this medication, it’s advisable to drink as much water as you can unless your specialist says otherwise.

Aside from the tablet, you can take the liquid drug. If this is what you use, ensure you shake the bottle vigorously before taking it. Measure the appropriate amount using a medical measuring cup.

You could use a tablespoon, but ensure that it’s the exact dosage recommended for intake.

Zovirax works better when there’s a constant amount in the body. Thus, take the medication at equal intervals daily. Try to avoid skipping doses, changing medications, and stopping the drug abruptly.

How Long Does It Take for Generic Zovirax to Work?

Generic Zovirax may take up to three days before it begins to relieve symptoms of genital herpes effectively. Don’t stop the medication the moment you feel relief. Complete the dosage just as your prescription states.

If you’re using this medication long-term, it takes four months to 10 years to reduce the risk of recurrent symptoms.

Acyclovir takes a shorter duration to prevent lesions from crusting over. It also heals rashes and reduces the pain of those suffering from shingles. The drug is more effective in adults over 50 and suffering from herpes zoster.

Acyclovir reduces the number of lesions and blisters of chickenpox in two days. During this period, it helps lower fever and fatigue in patients.

What Are the Side Effects of Generic Zovirax?

If you’re healthy and within 18 and 60, you’re more likely to encounter the following adverse effects :

  • A general feeling of discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting,
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Mouth pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Itching and stinging in genital part
  • Skin rash

In severe cases, the medication can cause kidneys disorders but this is rare. Severe conditions can also occur if you’ve suffered from illnesses that weaken your immune system.

Zovirax may also interact with probenecid, other antiviral drugs, and treatments for gastrointestinal illness. People who are elderly, have specific medical disorders, or are on other medications are more likely to experience negative effects.

Therefore, ensure you inform your physician about your conditions and reactions to specific medications.


Herpes, chickenpox, and mouth sores can be unpleasant and discomforting. Drugs like Generic Zovirax can help reduce the effect of these medical conditions. However, as you’ll always be told, consult your physician before you proceed with any medication.

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