Generic Valtrex. How to Use?


valtrexWaking up to a cold sore or a genital wart, or seeing a child come down with chickenpox could be quite devastating. However, with good knowledge and use of Valtrex, you just might be able to curb spread and progression of these viral diseases.

What Is Generic Valtrex?

Generic Valtrex, also known as Valacyclovir, is an antiviral medication that helps to treat certain infections. It is used to treat cold sores commonly found around the mouth, and chickenpox, especially in children. While in adults, it is effective against shingles and genital herpes.

For people who have repeated outbreaks of genital herpes this medication will help reduce the probability of future occurrences. It works by preventing the growth of viruses which cause these above-listed diseases; however, it is not the definitive treatment for these conditions.

How Much Generic Valtrex Cost?

The cost of generic Valtrex varies just like other medications. Certain factors like insurance coverage and treatment plan could greatly determine this variation. The best way to find out the cost of this medication is by talking to your pharmacist or by visiting

There are two strengths of Valacyclovir: 500 milligrams and 1gram (1000 milligram), and the number of pills greatly determine the overall price for each package. The cost for each pill of generic Valtrex ranges between $3 to $8, and this depends on the level of potency.

Where to Buy Generic Valtrex?

Generic Valtrex is a prescription medication but can also be gotten over the counter or bought online. However, it is advisable for certain persons who have certain conditions like kidney failure, or allergies, or even breastfeeding mothers to seek a doctor’s opinion before making a purchase. This is because for them the dosages required might be little and they may need to take the medication in certain way.

Technology has made things smooth and easy; now, buying medications online is both fast and easy for the cheapest prices possible. Online purchases do not require prescriptions, and customers also get amazing discounts as well.

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How to Use Generic Valtrex?

The best way to begin the use of this medication is by consulting your doctor or pharmacist. Reading the leaflet which contains the patient information is also helpful before you start to use it.

Generic Valtrex can be taken by mouth, and as directed by the doctor, can be taken with meals or without food. To lower the chances of having a side effect from this medication, it is best to take lots of water with it.

Since it can also be used to treat chickenpox in children, be careful to ensure to administer the dosage of Valtrex while considering the child’s weight. Valtrex works best when it is used at the initial sign of an outbreak; this is in keeping with the doctor’s prescription. A delay in treatment may render the medication rather ineffective.

How Long Does It Take for Generic Valtrex to Work?

Individual responses to treatment with Generic Valtrex vary. In some people it could about 10days for it to begin its action, while for others it might just take two days at most. Certain factors grossly determine the effectiveness and action of Valtrex. Some of these factors include:

  • Age
  • Individual metabolism
  • Severity of symptoms

For people with first time outbreaks of herpes, generic Valtrex is best used within the first 2days. It could take about 10 days or more for the blisters to heal even with the use oof the medication. All these factors influence the doctor’s prescription on its proper use.

What Are the Side Effects of Generic Valtrex?

The following are the common side effects of using generic Valtrex:

  • Headaches
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Decreased appetite
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Joint pain

Most side effects do not connote a major problem; however, coming down with kidney failure or having hemolytic uremic syndrome and high blood pressure are sever complications that could occur.

Is Valtrex More Effective Than the Generic Type?

The rule that governs the manufacturing of generic drugs makes sure that their brand-named counterparts have the same active ingredients that effect a change. Most drugs that are prescribed are generic and this has so far been the practice in most places round the world.

In this light, Valtrex and the generic form, Valacyclovir Hydrochloride have the same active ingredient which is indeed responsible to effect change. This implies that the modifications made to Valtrex do not in any way make it superior to the generic form in the actual sense. Even the price of Valtrex is not a matter of quality or chemistry but an issue of patent protection.

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