Generic Propecia: All You Should Know About the Medication


propeciaPropecia is that one medication you’d take if you’re a male suffering from patterned hair loss. However, baldness treatment isn’t the only thing this medication does. You’d learn more about the generic brand, its cost, effect, where to purchase, and other necessary details as you read further.

What is Generic Propecia?

Most medications have a brand name, meaning that a specific brand developed them. As time goes on, there begin to be other productions of the same drug but not from the same brand. These are called generic medications.

One great thing about generic drugs is that many are effective as the brand name but more cost-effective. Generic medications are not alterations as many might think but just a cheaper version of the brand. The same applies to Propecia.

As a whole, Propecia is a brand drug popular for treating baldness in young men. The medicine is also an effective option when treating an enlarged prostate. The latter condition only worsens and might need surgery if care is not taken.

While the generic version is prevalent, purchasing one needs the advice of a medic. Hence, don’t purchase unless a certified doctor permits you.

How Much Does Generic Propecia Cost?

Generally, Finasteride comes as a 1mg drug but in different packages. The variety in packaging causes a slight difference in the price.

For instance, the ten tablet package sells for $4 a tablet and $39.95 a pack. Meanwhile, the 180 package is $0.70 per tablet and $125.95 a pack.

As mentioned earlier, Finasteride as a generic brand costs lesser than a brand name. In other words, you’d be looking to spend half of what you would if purchasing the main Propecia. However, a few things could influence the cost of this medication.

The first would be how many tablets you’re going to use. The more you need, the more money you’ll spend and vice versa.

Another factor is where you purchase the medication. While there might be a similar price range, it won’t be the same everywhere.

Where to Buy Generic Propecia?

Purchasing Finasteride requires visiting a pharmacy in most cases. While getting the medication over the counter is possible, you must present a doctor’s prescription. Therefore, you must have visited a specialist and had a thorough examination before getting a prescription to ingest Propecia.

The need for a doctor’s recommendation is to keep patients safe. Most people go online, browse their condition, and recommend drugs for themselves. The problem is, they might be wrong to take the drug and might even over or underdose.

It’s also possible to purchase this medication in online drug stores and have it delivered to your location. Online stores have it cheaper and do not require a prescription. This doesn’t mean that you should take generic Propecia without seeing a medical specialist and confirming the drug is safe for you.

Also, check that the online establishment is trusted before purchasing generic Propecia.

How to Use Generic Propecia?

You use the generic drug as your doctor advises you should. Most medication involves taking the medication at least once daily. If your doctor sees a need to change this dosage, it’s probably due to other factors.

Patients can use Finasteride with or without eating. You must note that the medication could interact with other supplements or drugs. Therefore, if you have another prescription, inform your medical expert.

Try avoiding donating blood when using this medication, as you might not know if the receptor will react to the drug. Also, never forget to inform your specialist if you have other health issues before taking Finasteride.

Finasteride is to treat male issues. So women, particularly pregnant ones, should avoid this medication. Taking this drug during pregnancy could cause severe defects in the child.

How Long Does It Take for Generic Propecia to Work?’

Generic Propecia is a slow-effective medicine meaning that it takes a while before you start seeing results. After examining you, your physician recommends the treatment in a dosage that’s most suitable. The dosage determines how fast the medication will kick in.

In most cases, the generic drug takes as long as three months to be effective. As a result, several patients feel the need to switch to other drugs for speedy results. Nonetheless, if you have been asked to take Finasteride, it’s best to stick with it for at least three months.

If, after this time, you notice no significant difference in symptoms, visit your specialist. You might get a different drug dosage or another medication from your doctor.

What Are the Side Effects of Generic Propecia?

Finasteride is generally safe, and many might be lucky to take it without having adverse effects. However, like any medication, some might experience the following outcomes:

  • Erection dysfunction
  • Lack of interest in sex
  • Reduced ejaculation period

These effects will naturally give you concerns, but you shouldn’t worry too much. Most times, they disappear as your body adapts to the impact of the drug.

While these aren’t alarming, here are other symptoms that you should worry about:

  • Skin irritation
  • Tender breasts
  • Testicle pain
  • Face swelling

These symptoms you might consider less significant indicate a severe allergy that might be threatening. Therefore, call for medical attention once you notice these while taking Finasteride. In some cases, these symptoms result from the wrong dosage intake.


Medical conditions that require taking generic Propecia are few. If you suffer from any health problems similar to what Finasteride treats, you should see a doctor. Ensure to get a medical prescription before purchasing this medication in physical or online pharmacies.

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