Generic Catapres: Function, Dosage, Cost, and More


catapresHigh blood pressure is a dangerous condition that could lead to severe complications and even death if not well cared for. To counteract the effect on the heart, medical professionals recommend Catapres alongside other medications. You’d learn more about this generic drug as you read further.

What is Generic Catapres?

Catapres, also referred to as Clonidine, is a prescription drug that effectively lowers the pressure of the heart. It works by instructing the brain to stop stress hormones from working at their average pace, causing blood vessels to relax. Adults and teens suffering from Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder also use these medications during treatment.

A medical expert might prescribe Clonidine as an individual medication or one you must use with other drugs for more effectiveness. One reason why many pharmacies have generic Catapres is to save costs for patients on a budget.

As with generic medications, they function quite the same as their counterparts, only that they’re less popular. Since both generic options and the main brand have similar content, their dosage and effects are the same. Even though they’re generic, it’s impossible to get one if you have no medical recommendation from a doctor.

How Much Does Generic Catapres Cost?

100mcg of the generic medication comes in various packages, each with a different number of tablets. As a result, there are different prices for the same 100mcg generic Catapres.

If you’re purchasing a pack of 30 tablets, you’ll spend at least $42.40 for a tablet and $41.95 a pack. On the other hand, a packet containing 180 tablets ranges from $0.4 to $0.5 per tablet. The more pills you need, the lesser the cost.

While you might get the medicine at this range, note that other factors affect cost. One of the factors to consider is where you’re purchasing the drug.

Some pharmacies sell Clonidine at a higher rate. Sometimes, you might find online vendors that offer discounts for such drugs. You should also speak to the pharmacist to discover if the medication is covered by insurance.

Where to Buy Generic Catapres?

Clonidine is available in several pharmacies. You’ll find the generic version of these medications at a lower price in these stores. Like other medications, it’s paramount to have a doctor’s prescription before purchasing.

You can also get Clonidine without a prescription in online pharmacies. Purchasing from these virtual sites is usually less expensive than physical pharmacies. Lucky customers also get discounts, especially when the site has several promotional offers available at your time of purchase.

Plus, you can have these medications delivered to your doorstep for an extra fee. Note that before buying generic Catapres online, ensure the site is trustworthy and sells authentic drugs.

Our online site offers the best generic medication for patients intending to purchase drugs. We also sell these drugs at an affordable price. If you’re getting your medications in large quantities, you get a discount than when buying smaller amounts.

How to Use Generic Catapres?

Never take generic Catapres if your doctor didn’t recommend the medication for you. Ensure you’ve seen your medical expert and narrated your symptoms. If the medical expert deems the drug fit for you, you get a recommendation on the proper dosage to consume.

Since Clonidine is a tablet, you must take it orally with or without meals. It’s recommended you take the drug for as long as it’s prescribed. Sicknesses like HBP don’t make you sick every time; still, you must take the pill till the dosage is complete.

If you’re one who forgets about drug prescriptions, set a timer to remind you when it’s time to take the medication. If you feel funny while taking Catapres, report to your medical expert immediately. This is because prolonged usage of the medicine could cause side effects that are usually discomforting.

How Long Does It Take for Generic Catapres to Work?

The effects of Clonidine are almost instantaneous; the patient’s blood pressure drops between 30 minutes and an hour of intake. In some cases, it might take between 2 and 4 hours to return to blood pressure to a normal level. The medication doesn’t change the blood flow or postural reflexes as it works solely on the BP.

Taking the medication consistently also helps control stress levels, relax the blood vessels, and reduce the risks of increased blood pressure. Generic Catapres is a medication that requires care, so never stop taking it at your own will. In other words, speak to a physician before quitting Catapres.

What Are the Side Effects of Generic Catapres?

Side effects are common occurrences when using most medications. Common symptoms you might notice include:

  • Mood swings
  • Migraine
  • Hot feeling
  • Nightmares and sleep deprivation
  • Running stomach
  • Starchy feeling in the mouth
  • Mild ear pain
  • Weakness of the muscles

These cases often become mild after a few dosages and may disappear with time. On the other hand, you should seek medical help if these symptoms don’t abate after a few days. Other symptoms that need immediate attention include heart failure, unexplainable skin patches, and extreme fatigue.

Side effects might also result from using the wrong dose. If so, consult a medical professional to get better information on how much or how little Catapres you’re to use. Also, always relate past medical records to your physician as there are a few conditions that may interact with Catapres.


Generic Catapres is very much as effective as the main brand. Therefore, it’s paramount never to take this medication without a doctor’s affirmation. After this, you can easily purchase the drug in person or order from any online platform.

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