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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is it necessary for me to have a prescription?

    A: does not require a prescription to process anything you might order, but would like to suggest quite emphatically that you check with someone such as your health advisor before taking any kind of medication.

  • Q: What are the legalities involved with purchasing medication online and without a prescription? makes its shipments from countries where it is not required by law for you to have a prescription.

  • Q: Does accept all types of payment methods?

    A: Currently only accepts VISA payments from the website.

  • Q: What kind of delivery times should we expect?

    A: Usually we ship within the next 2-3 business days. The shipment takes place via Registered Air Mail (14 - 21 days delivery) or Express Mail Service (EMS) (8 - 10 days delivery). If any delays occur, we notify our customer by e-mail or phone right away.

  • Q: Where is my medication going to be shipped from?

    A: Currently has shipping facilities in Mauritius, UAE, Singapore and India.

  • Q: What my parcel will look like?

    A: Your parcel will look like a private letter and will not disclose its contents.

  • Q: Is it possible for you to ship worldwide?

    A: does make shipments to most countries in the world, however it is not possible to ship to Germany due to customs restrictions.

  • Q: What if my parcel will not pass through customs or will be lost?

    A: If you still do not receive your shipment within 22 day period, we will either refund your money or send out a fresh shipment promptly free of charge.

  • Q: How safe are internet credit card transactions?

    A: utilizes industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to permit the encryption of credit card information and the credit card facility on the site is secure. This process passes information between your computer and our web site and third parties cannot have access to this. SSL encryption technology is used by numerous Internet stores comparable to and effectively removes credit card fraud from the Internet. Also, the absolute security of your shopping at is guaranteed by the most trusted internet security verification systems: Geotrust and McAfee Secure.

  • Q: What happens to my personal details?

    A: Any information given by you comes to us through a secured shopping cart and is 100% secure. Also note that we have a policy of not sharing any of your information to anyone.

  • Q: What is the difference between brand name and generic medication?

    A: There isn't much of a difference except for the name of the drug itself, and of course the price. Manufacturers of certain drugs assign brand names to that pill for marketing and advertising purposes. Generic drugs are offered under the actual chemical name. Backed by standard practice and state laws and statutes, generic drugs have to contain the same ingredients, and be equivalent to a brand name of the same drug. So with a generic, you get the same active ingredients, dosage, potency, and medicinal form as a brand name drug, offering the same effectiveness as well.

  • Q: May I cancel an order if I change my mind?

    A: Orders can be cancelled after the placement, but this must be done within 24 hours of placing the order and definitely no later. Get in contact with our offices through email or messenger if you require a cancellation or change to your order. When 24 hours have passed, an order can no longer be cancelled or changed. The other item to check during the first 24 hours is your shipping address; please check that nothing has been entered incorrectly. Please also contact us within 24 hours in order to make any changes to the address. If there are any mistakes in your shipping address, your order might possibly be very delayed.

  • Q: Do you have a return/refund policy and if so, what rules apply?

    A: If you are in some way not happy with your purchases, contact us we will then supply you with the information you require to return your shipment. If you return the order and you are responsible for the shipping costs, we will reimburse 100 % of the purchase price of the order. Please note that return period may take from 25 to 90 days.

  • Q: Your prices are suspiciously low compared to other competitor's shops, how can I trust you?

    A: You are offered the most reasonable prices for high quality generic and brand drugs on the net. Our time proved business partners are provided with a high sales volume, which results in a lower service rates for us, which in turn results in the lowest retail price for you. We don't pay much for advertising as the quality of our products makes them sell themselves. Satisfied customers recommend us to those who need help.

If you still hesitate to order, talk to our service operator who will answer all the questions you have.